3 Secrets to Creating a Product that Sells... without mortgaging your house!
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Nicole de Larzac
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What You’ll Learn In This Training....
Secret #1
 How To Come Up With A Winning Idea
Secret #2
How To Know If You Have  A Winning Product Idea
Secret #3
How To Manage Risk
(so that you don't have to mortgage your house)
3 Secrets to Creating a Product that Sells...without mortgaging your house!
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How To Come Up With A Winning
3 Secrets to Creating a Product that Sells...without mortgaging your house!
Welcome To My World
About Your Host
I had spent years marketing major brands at companies such as Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods,
AND even though I loved my corporate career, when my first child was born, my perspective totally changed.
I wanted to work and make a difference in the world - but with the flexibility to be with my baby.
...and if I was going to work hard to build something, I might as well do it for my own business! (Can you relate?)
I could see that running my own business was a way to achieve it.
So I started a product business - in a field I knew nothing about in a country we had just moved to (Australia)… and grew it to $2 million in sales.
There were some hard moments, but I overcame them with tenacity, and after that, I felt like I could do whatever I set my mind to.
I had a thrill growing a business of my own, but I felt that there was something more.
When we moved back to Canada, I exited the business in pursuit of my passions.
I wondered, how can I truly make an impact?  
And after a lot of soul searching, it dawned on me.
I realized that most of my career has been in marketing and product development, and I really wanted to help other women like myself create products that sell so that they could also live a life of freedom and success beyond the 9 to 5.
So I created the Product Launch Lab, a program designed for women who want to build their dream product business.  
I had a lot of reservations - Will this be something that is needed? Will it be helpful?
But once I started researching the market, I knew that this was very much needed.
Now, when I reach out to my dream clients, there is a lot of interest in the Product Launch Lab as there is nothing like it.
I wanted to share this with you because I hope you see that you too can do anything you set your mind to!
My mission is to help you create a VERY successful product business!
3 Secrets to Creating a Product that Sells...without mortgaging your house!
In this webinar, I’m going to pack in as much information as I can, including:
  • Secret 1: How to come up with a winning idea
  • Secret 2: How to know if you have a winning product idea
  • Secret 3: How to manage risk (so that you don't have to mortgage your house)
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